SoggyKnees Viewing Stones

Carvings by Patrick Metiva

What do YOU see in Stones? 

Over the years I have had the pleasure to walk along the rivers of Western Washington with my dog Kysus admiring the stones that mimic nature and the beauty of the area where I live.   Discovering that Suiseki, Gongshi, and Suseok are all varied views of this ancient art, I found that I very much enjoy the challenge of enhancing the perceptions of these stones by carving bases called daiza.  The photos (Courtesy of Danielle Cuvillier) in the Galleries show Landscapes, People, Animals and Abstracts.  My preference are hardwoods: Walnut, Cherry, Mahogony, Teak, Cocobolo, Maple, and Katalox, amongst others.  

My garage has become a haven for stones and various bits of wood that will one day find a match with one another. 

In the meantime, I continue walking Kysus, while constantly keeping my eye out for that next stone or bit of wood to find it's way into my pockets.

If you have a stone that is precious to you and would like to display it in a handcrafted daiza, please email me to discuss.  

If you are interested any of the stones on the following pages, I have marked those that are available. 

Peace to all and looking forward to hearing from you.